Privacy declaration

Via MijnHuurdossier you can send your personal information and documents in a safe and efficient way to Dolfijnwonen. MijnHuurdossier is a part of Huurcheck Nederland BV (hereafter Huurcheck). Huurcheck and its registered agents carefully deal with privacy sensitive information.

In this privacy statement you can read what data is recorded in MijnHuurdossier and how your data is processed. Dolfijnwonen uses your data for the realization of a mediation if you want to rent (out) a house
Personal details we process
Huurcheck processes personal information about you by using MijnHuurdossier and provided by you.

Below an overview:

– First and last name
– Sex- Date of birth
– Place of birth
– Address details
– Phone number
– E-mail address
– Other personal information and documents you provide, for example by creating a profile on this website, uploading documents and sending messages to Dolfijnwonen
– Identity data
– Location data
– The search profile and housing requirements
– The reason for rent (out)
– Income Family composition
– When a mediation is established, the data of the lease and digital signature
– Information about your activities on our website
– Internet browser and device type
– All other information you provide in your acount

Special and / or sensitive personal data we process

Huurcheck and Dolfijnwonen process your data for the execution of the following special tasks to verify identity, solvency and credit.

– Credit-check via EDR, Experian, Focum
– Solvency check via BKR
– Identity check via Online ID

To be eligible for a rental property, Dolfijnwonen does these checks. It is Dolfijnwonen’s duty of care to protect tenants and landlords against abuse, checking as soon as a mediation is established. This is done by providing personal data (including your address and ID number) to a credit rating evaluator who may use this information for this purpose only.

Huurcheck and Dolfijnwonen will ensure that your data is safely stored and that it is adequately protected from unauthorized use, unauthorized access, modification or unlawful destruction.

Your data is retained as long as necessary for the above stated purposes or for the extent necessary because of legal obligations or to resolve any disputes.
Share with others

You have control over your personal file in MijnHuurdossier. You determine which information will be shared and with whom. Huurcheck came to an edit-agreement with the brokers connected to Mijnhuurdossier and that deal with your personal information. They will ensure the same level of security and confidentiality. Your data may only be shared with stakeholders for the implementation of a successful mediation, for example the parties included in a rental agreement; the tenant, landlord and the property administrator. Huurcheck The Netherlands does not use cookies
Huurcheck takes the protection of your data very seriously and will go to appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized modifications. If you have the impression that your data is not properly secured or there is evidence of abuse, please contact our customer service via 088-1235050 or via

Huurcheck has taken the following measures to secure your personal details in Mijnhuurdossier: security software such as a virus scanner and firewall TLS (former SSL). We send your data through a secure (encrypted) internet connection. This can be seen in “https” and the padlock in the address bar. The brokers who are receiving your data work with the same applications developed and used by Huurcheck. These applications are protected in the same way as Mijnhuurdossier.

Processing of personal data is submitted and included in the Personal Data Protection Authority under notification number: M1607864
Your questions about the software and privacy statements can be directed to Huurcheck. Contract information can be found on